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Garage Door Springs

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Garage doors are a great addition to any property. They give you extra storage space. They give you a safe place to keep your vehicles. The thing is when you have a door you need to take care of it. This is why you need the best company/contractor around like our company at Garage Door Springs in Lake Worth. We are a door company that is the best in the area. We are a company who cares about what we do. This is why we always put our best foot forward. We always want our customers to be satisfied. We also want them to know we are always there for them. Our emergency service lets them know that anytime they call we will be there and send a door contractor right out to them.Garage Door Springs

Our Garage Door Repair in Lake Worth can do any door service but we are definable, a Garage Door Springs Specialists. Garage door springs are important to a door. They are what balance out the weight of the door. These door springs will last about 10,000 cycles. They will eventually break and will need replacing. These springs can never be repaired, your own choice is to remove them and install new ones. They are dangerous for anyone but a trained specialist to handle. So always call us and let us do the service for you.

Torsion spring replacement

There are 2 types of door springs available in the market. First one is the garage door torsion springs. These are for heavier mechanism. When you’re using a torsion springs you’ll generally have from 2 to 4 springs. In most cases there will be 4 springs and they can be used in 4 different set ups, which called triplex system, mixed system, linear system, and duplex system. It depends on the weight and size of your door. Call us today and we’ll help you with what you actually need.

Then there is also the extension springs and these springs are for lighter doors and generally are placed on the outer or inner sides of the door. Residential doors usually have 2 of these. But commercial may have several springs. There are some springs with a bigger size. Galvanized springs is one more types of springs. These are made and bonded from the combining zinc and iron and through a metallic reaction.

Fix garage springs

Our garage door repair in Lake Worth also can supply these door springs also. We know these springs like the back of our hands. We are proud of the fact that we can fix garage springs and save our customers from getting injured.

So how about calling now and let us take care of your door springs to keep you and your family safe.

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